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Banda Aceh Airport Car Rental

The Banda Aceh Airport (BTJ) is situated near Banda Aceh City in Indonesia. This airport was named after 12th sultan of Aceh, Iskandar Muda. Few of the major airlines serving this airport include AirAsia, Firefly, Batavia Air, Lion Air and SMAC. This bustling airport offers regular flights to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Jakarta, Medan, Takengon, Hatta, Meulaboh and many other places. Passengers and visitors enjoy all the latest airport facilities. If you want to reach the airport from Banda Aceh, just rent a car and take a few metres drive.

Banda Aceh City Highlights

Banda Aceh Airport Car RentalBanda Aceh is the largest city and the capital of Aceh. It is seated on the island of Sumatra and marks the north western apex of Indonesia. The Grand Mosque is one of the most notable structures of the city. It was originally burnt down during the Aceh war but was re-constructed in the year 1875. For a luxury treat, you can book your stay at the Hermes Palace Hotel. This is the four-star international hotel of the city. You can hire a car and travel around various parts of the city. Explore the culture and treat your taste buds with some mind blowing local dishes.

Why Choose Indonesia Car Rental?

Indonesia Car Rental will be in charge of organizing both your business and holiday trip to Banda Aceh. For a good car rental facility you can undoubtedly depend upon the services offered by Indonesia Car Rental. When you choose Indonesia Car Rental you can look ahead to unparalleled car hire deals. With our affordable rates you can save on your expenses too. Moreover, you et the choice of specifying the car model and the locations for pick up and drop too. Hire a car from the Indonesia Car Rental to have all your necessities properly met while visiting Banda Aceh.

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