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Banda Aceh Indonesia Car Rental - A Glimpse Of Asia

Banda Aceh is also referred to as the Nangroe Aceh Darussalam by the locals. This city lies in the special territory of Indonesia and is alsothe capital of Aceh. Banda Aceh City derives its name from the Persian word “Bandar” which stands for haven or a port. This city is also better known as the port to Mecca. Visit this beautiful city with your family for an enchanting glimpse of Asia. Hire a car from the Indonesia Car Rental to make your visit to Banda Aceh City a memorable one.

Banda Aceh City Highlights

Banda Aceh Car RentalVisitors to Banda Aceh City can get to this place via the Banda Aceh Airport. Once you reach the city you can take your time enjoying its beauties as well as visiting some of the best tourist attractions that Aceh has to offer. Parks, mosques and museums form the hallmarks of its tourist attractions. But most of these places of interest lie scattered all across Aceh, so it is recommended that you have a car at your disposal to enjoy a hassle free vacation.

Once you have a car in your hands, you can drive down to visit the main landmark of Bandah Aceh City- the Baiturrahman Mosque. You can also visit the Negeri Museum for a glimpse into the city’s past or visit the cemetery – Kherkhof that is famous for housing the graves of the soldiers of the war. Apart from these you should not miss out on visiting the Lhok Nga beach, Laut Tawar Lake and the Gunung Leuser National Park which is one of the largest forest reserves in the world.

Why Choose Indonesia Car Rental?

Indonesia Car Rental is the name that you can depend on when it comes to traveling across Banda Aceh or any other area in Indonesia. You can count on its prompt and professional service to add more comfort and pleasure to your stay in the country.

When you opt for Indonesia Car Rental you have the option to not only book your car in advance but also decide the pick up destination according to your convenience. In addition it is also possible to pre-book your car over the Internet or via telephone. Visit: for further details.
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