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Hasanudin Airport Car Rental - Gateway to Eastern Indonesia

The Hasanudin Airport (UPG), an International airport is located in Ujung Pandang, Indonesia. The airport is the gateway to the eastern Indonesia. You will find all modern facilities and aviation technologies in this airport. This is in fact one of the busiest airports of the country. This airport provides a distinct style of Airport Transit; this is mainly because, it participates in promoting trade and developing the tourism industries in Indonesia. The giant terminal accommodates aircrafts of various sizes. Regular flights are scheduled to various destinations like Kuala Lumpur Jakarta, Soroako, Kupang, Tahona, etc. You can hire a car and take a 17km drive from the Makassar city to reach the airport.

Hasanudin City Highlights

Hasanudin Airport Car RentalThe shopping malls, eateries offering traditional cuisines and recreation parks are the main aspects of exploration in Makassar. A number of markets and malls will offer you interesting souvenirs and artefacts. One of the famous landmarks of Makassar is the Fort Rotterdam. It was built by the Dutch Colonial government during the16th century. You’ll also find the largest indoor theme park named Trans Studio Makassar over here. Karebosi Link is the first underground shopping mall of Indonesia. Just rent a car and find out the attractions of this place comfortably.

Why Choose Indonesia Car Rental?

Indonesia Car Rental will be in charge of organizing both your business and holiday trip to Makassar. For a good car rental facility you can undoubtedly depend upon the services offered by Indonesia Car Rental. When you choose Indonesia Car Rental you can look ahead to unparalleled car hire deals. With our affordable rates you can save on your expenses too. Moreover, you get to specify the car models and the locations for pick up and drop too. Hire a car from the Indonesia Car Rental to have all your necessities properly fulfilled while visiting this place.

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