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Medan Car Rental - The City Of Splendor

Medan is the capital city of the province of North Sumatra in Indonesia. Located at the northern part of the province, Medan has a picturesque shoreline. This is the fourth most populous city in Indonesia. Majority of the population lives outside the city limits, specifically in the Deli Serdang area. This city boasts of a rich cultural heritage reflecting its long history. There is a blend of different communities in the city. This city is famous as the habitat of the Batak people. Recently the ethnic Bataks have a large community in the city. Other than the Bataks, there is a huge ethnic Javanese population in the city. There is a large group of Chinese people in Medan who are very active in the Indonesian business sector. You can take a trip around the city by hiring a car.

Medan Indonesia Highlights

Medan Car RentalYou can visit the landmarks of Medan by renting a car. This city is popular tourist destination in Indonesia. There are quite a few historical buildings at Medan that retain the Dutch architecture. These structures include the Central Post Office, City Hall, the Tirtanadi Water Tower and the Titi Gantung. The Tirtanadi Water Tower is the icon of the Medan City. The Great Mosque of Medan is another historic attraction. It was built in the Moroccan fashion by Dingemans, the famous Dutch architect. The Maimun Palace is home to the Sultan of Deli.

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