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Polonia International Airport Car Rental - A World Class Facilities

Polonia International Airport Car Rental Polonia International Airport is an amazing airdrome situated at a distance of about 5 KM beyond the Business district of the Medan in Indonesia. It is an international airport which caters to the air traffic needs of the mass population of the region. This is also the very first international airdrome of the area of Medan. It has the most number of flights serving various destinations across Indonesia and Malaysia. It is also more popularly known as the Polonia airport. The airport is overcrowded and serves more than four and half million people each year. It comes only fourth in the list of most populous airports in Indonesia. The airport got its name from the place where it is located. The Polish person Baron Mickalski was the owner of the plantation area, and thus the place got is name.

Polonia International Airport- Highlights

It has all the basic amenities of the high end airports which make the travel of passengers convenient. You can have relaxation at the lounges present in the airport. There are amazing facilities offered at the place. With the asphalt runway the aircrafts land and take off with great safety. The runway is 2900 meters in length and 45 meters in width. The airport is in the midst of the residential area. It has two terminals one for the domestic aircrafts and another for international flights. The baggage counters are also high end to ensure that the travelers have comfort. You can easily hire a car from the airport or book one in advance from the internet to have a comfortable pick or drop to the places in area.

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