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Semarang Ahmad Yani Airport Car Rental

This airport is the airport of the city called Semarang in the country of Indonesia. It is also known as Achmad Yani Airport. Until about fifteen years ago, it only served military purposes but now, it has been converted to a public airport. So currently, it is both, military and public. The name of this airport is a tribute to the patriotic heroes.

Semarang Ahmed Yani Airport: Highlights!

Semarang Ahmad Yani Airport Car RentalThis airport right now has only one terminal and one runway. The terminal is located at the southern region of the runway that is made of an asphalt surface and has an elevation of only 4 metres. The direction of the runway is 13/31. There were talks recently about the needs of expanding the airport. Right now, the airport is too small and the number of passengers it can hold is also a few. Plans are, to make the airport bigger so that more number of passengers can be accommodated. According to the plan, a new terminal will be built that will lie on the northern side of the already existing terminal. The airport in its present state, though small, has all the facilities to fulfil all the basic needs. Right from hotels to money exchange counters, everything. Other services include a bank, a few shops of food, drinks and other things. Travel companies also have their counters in the airport; making it easier for the tourists. Along with all this, one can also find Car Rental and taxi travel counters which help the customers hire cars or taxis right from the airport itself and hence, visitors do not face any problems.

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