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Simpang Tiga Airport Car Rental- Military and Public!

This airport is also mostly referred to as the Sultan Syarif Qasim II Airport. It is also generally abbreviated and called SSQ or SSQ II. It is located in the state of Riau and, to be precise, in the city called Pekanbaru. The name of the airport comes from a very great man who was extremely influential prior to independence of the state. Simpang Tiga was its name until sometime ago. Now, its official name is Sultan Syarif Qasim II Airport.

Simpang Tiga Airport, Indonesia: Highlights!

Simpang Tiga Airport Car RentalAlong with being public, the airport also serves military purposes. It is an airport that is international with one runway that runs in the 18/36 direction. The surface of this runway is asphalt and the elevation is 31 metres. The government however has thoughts about moving the airport to another location. This is mainly for convenience. And news is that, it plans on shifting Simpang Tiga out of the city and base it somewhere in the outskirts. It is only a plan for now though. Many places are in consideration but none has been zeroed in upon. This airport has all the basic facilities such as lounges, rest rooms, and currency exchange counters, help desks where one can go when one is in a problem, well maintained eateries and coffee and tea places are also present in the airport itself. Car parking is provided. Wireless internet facilities are also accessible. Along with all this, the airport also makes it easier for tourists by providing transportation help points. Car Rental desks and taxi information can be located here. This makes it easier for the visitors who are especially new to the country.

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