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Supadio Airport Car Rental - Connecting You To Pontianak

Supadio Airport is an airport which is located in Pontianak a city in the province of West Kalimantan, Indonesia. It connects you to one of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Indonesia. This city is primarily noted for its equatorial location and its setting by the side of the Kapuas River. Tourists from all over the world visit Pontianak as they are lured by the scenic beauty of this place. If you want to visit this beautiful place as well and explore it thoroughly then you should hire a car from the Indonesia Car Rental.

Pontianak- City Highlights

Supadio Airport Car RentalThe city of Pontianak offers a huge number of restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls and hotels. Pontianak City is renowned all over the world for its crispy banana fries and Aloe Vera drink. The Equator monument is a must watch in Pontianak as this monument marks the equator which divides earth into the Northern hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. The city is visited by travelers throughout the year but during the festive occasions like Ramadhan, Idul Fitri and the Cap Go Meh Pontianak experiences the maximum number of travelers from all over the world.

Why Choose Indonesia Car Rental?

You can blindly rely on the services of the Indonesia Car Rental. It provides you with safety, security, comfort as well as privacy to make your travel more pleasurable and hassle free. You get to choose not just a car but also have yourself picked up from the location of your own choice.

You can count on Indonesia Car Rental to take you to your desired destination on time and in a vehicle of your choice! You can also avail the services of the Indonesia Car Rental directly from the Supadio Airport Terminal or you can also reserve it before you reach your destination. Visit: to book a car today!
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